Granite is a natural resource that has been providing economic benefits to Charlotte County for over 100 years. Countless landmark buildings and highways in the US and Canada and around the world include granite aggregates from the region in their construction.

The high demand for quality aggregates is expected to continue, and Jamer will continue to provide  high-quality granite aggregates for the international markets.

Jamer has provided aggregates to important local and international projects in:

New Brunswick                                            Panama

New York                                                       Trinidad and Tobago

New Jersey                                                    Bahamas

Florida                                                            Cayman Islands

Georgia                                                           Bermuda

South Carolina                                              Barbados

North Carolina

Jamer supplied armourstone and aggregates for the following projects:

Freeport Container Yard Shoreline Protection Project Freeport, Grand Bahama, The Bahamas

Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve, The Bahamas

Sir Solomon Hochoy Highway, Trinidad and Tobago

South Basin Land Reclamation Project (America’s Cup Venue), Bermuda

F. Wade International Airport Reconstruction, Bermuda

Phase 1 Upland and Wall Fill Charleston Naval Base Container Terminal, Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston AFB Runway Project , Charleston, South Carolina