Jamer is a locally managed venture operated by a family-owned US company.

The Government of New Brunswick has long recognized that the Port of Bayside has the potential to be an economic hub and driver of prosperity if more industrial park space were available for growth. They also realized that industrial growth at the Port of Bayside and the industrial park would be indefinitely stalled unless an expanded ‘lay-down’ area could be created. The key to successful expansion was an experienced partner capable of extracting the high quality granite standing in the way of park expansion and using existing port facilities to ship it to accessible international markets. Jamer, through its affiliate, Charlotte County Ports, Ltd., was chosen as that partner.

Under an agreement with the New Brunswick government, Charlotte County Ports Ltd. is helping to create a usable port-level industrial park space that is essential to the future growth of both the Port and the Champlain Industrial Park.

Improvements to the Port of Bayside berthing and lay-down area, as well as further development of the industrial park at port level, are pivotal to attracting new tenants or expanding existing operations in the Champlain Industrial Park.

While an expanded lay-down area is just one important by-product of Jamet manufacturing operations, it is a necessary first step for future growth of the Champlain Industrial Park. The result of completing the work on the west side of Route 127 will be approximately 91 acres of land, level with the current wharf, that will provide the much-needed materials handling and staging areas for the Champlain Industrial Park and Bayside Marine Terminal. With this expansion will come more jobs and increased economic activity for the Champlain Industrial Park and the entire area.

Jamer is one of the major users of the Port of Bayside, which, along with the Champlain Industrial Park, provides a key component of strategic infrastructure vital to economic development in Charlotte County.

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