Our Projects

Granite is a natural resource that has been providing economic benefits to Charlotte County for over 100 years. Countless landmark buildings and highways in the US and Canada and around the world include granite aggregates from the region in their construction. JAMER is a conscientious and qualified expert in the manufacture of these granite aggregates with a well-established international market already in place for their sale.

The high demand for quality aggregates in the United States is expected to continue, and JAMER expects to continue as a provider of high-quality Charlotte County material. Despite the rough-and-tumble image of a quarry, JAMER is keenly aware of the unique historic character of the area in which it operates. The quarry must coexist with a growing tourism trade and be a proper steward of the historic treasures along the St. Croix River. At every turn JAMER strives to minimize its impact, from noise and dust controls to land buffers. These measures will continue to evolve and mature to take into account the expectations and interests of community stakeholders.