Jamer Materials Ltd. Site, Charlotte County, N.B.

JAMER operations bring direct economic benefits to the community as well as a guarantee of continued growth for both Port Bayside and the Champlain Industrial Park. The company is committed to providing local employment opportunities and to purchasing as much as possible from local suppliers.

Quick Facts:

  • Direct employment for 40 personnel with an annual payroll of approximately $2 million (CDN)

  • $16.5 million (CDN) invested in plant and manufacturing equipment that has been adapted to minimize noise and dust

  • Annual expenditures to local vendors of approximately $1.4 million (CDN)

  • Annual expenditures in New Brunswick, other than to local vendors, of approximately $4 million (CDN)

  • Indirect employment for 16 unionized stevedores and 4 sub-contracted specialists with an annual payroll of approximately $460,000 (CDN)

  • Provides ninety-five percent (95%) of the revenue for Bayside Marine Terminal (‘Port Bayside’) while using only fifteen percent (15%) of the productive capacity

In keeping with a keen sense of social responsibility JAMER supports local community initiatives which will enhance the quality of life of Charlotte County residents. JAMER contributes to a number of important local projects including:
  • The Ganong Nature Park

  • Town of St. Stephen

  • Ducks Unlimited

  • JAMER Scholarship to St Stephen High School

  • JAMER Scholarship to Sir James Dunn Academy

  • New Brunswick Community College Scholarship Program

  • Operation Christmas Joy 2006-2013

  • Charlotte County SPCA

  • Curl for Cancer/Run for the Cure Campaigns

  • Canadian Diabetes Association

  • St Stephen Sea Hawks

  • Starlite Cheerleaders

  • Freedom Fighters: Fundraisers for Charlotte County Cancer Society

  • Fundy High School

  • St. Stephen Wrestling Club

  • NBCC Foundation

  • Canadian Women Basketball Team

  • Charlotte County Food Bank/Volunteer Centre

  • St. George Rural Cemetery

  • Vincent Massey Elementary School Playground Project

  • St. Andrews Youth Centre

As the business grows JAMER will continue to look for opportunities to assist our host community in the areas of economic development, tourism, education, and local philanthropy.